Damaged DVD/Game/CD??


No problem!

Omega CCR now does disc cleanings on site! That means get your disc repaired same day you drop it off!

To kick off this awesome new service we offer for every 2 you have repaired get the 3rd one half off!!


Also anytime you purchase a used game from us we do offer a free cleaning at the time of your purchase for free! Just be sure to ask an employee.


Never put your phone or electronic in rice!


We have been doing water damage repair for several years, and have been chosen by Sprint for an outside source for repairs. We have proven and documented what happens when you put your phone in rice and the problems that are caused because of it.

The internet and people have stated to me they were told to leave their phone in rice for 24 hours and it would take all the water out.

This is incorrect what happens is the rice will suck the water through a path of least resistance, which can end up shorting your charge port, ear speaker, or headphone jack. You then go to plug it in thinking the water is completely gone and short something and cause permanent damage.

We have done our own tests using this theory and after 24 hours was able to open the phone and get almost 2 teaspoons of water out of it yet. After 96 hours almost a whole teaspoon, and then the corrosion from the water films over important circuits and case cause shorts that may not be noticeable right away but end up showing up later down the road.


October Special

Come check out our treasure chest!

In celebration for Halloween we will have a treasure chest that is filled with lots of goodies. Everything from free disc cleaning, tshirt, candy, beverage, and even a few free winners for choice of video game or ipod while supplies last.

To be get your chance at our treasure chest you must have something repaired/purchased that equals to or is greater then $30.

Buy, Sell, or Trade

We are now set up as a licensed video game store. We also have pre order games available.

Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and handheld devices available.

If you have games your looking to get rid of you can bring them in to trade or sell to us. We also carry older games and systems that most places don't have, and if we don't have it we can find it for you.

Contact Us

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